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One of the best ways to enhance Google Ads account performance and save time is Google Ads (AdWords) Scripts, a lightweight automation tool that allows you to interact directly with the Google Ads codebase and control your account using JavaScript code.

It is a lot more powerful than the standard web-based UI but easier to use than the Google Ads API. Among others, Google Ads Scripts can be used to automate repetitive tasks and interact with external data (e.g. weather forecasts, online spreadsheets).

Google Ads Scripts allow you to get results not possible with the standard Web UI

Why You Need to Start Using Google Ads Scripts


Save Money

Building scripts lets the machines do the repetitive work so you (or your employees) can focus your time on strategy & other higher-value actions. This means better results with less time and people needed to manage your campaigns, which equals to thousands saved each month.

Make Less Errors

Humans are not made to do repetitive tasks for hours and hours. That’s why we built machines that can do the same tasks continuously, with unrivaled consistency and accuracy. Automating the more repetitive account management tasks will allow you to achieve more consistent results while minimizing the potential for human error.

Work on Autopilot

Google Ads Scripts can be programmed to the schedule that best suits your business needs, from once each week to every hour, 24/7. This means that you can program specific actions and let the scripts run on autopilot.

Do What Your Competitors Can't

Google Ads Scripts allow you to do things not possible on the standard web UI. This can give you a significant advantage over your competitors who are limited to only using the standard interface.

Advanced Google Ads Automation

  • Google Apps Script
  • Spreadsheet Service integration
  • Mail Service integration
  • Git Version control
  • External data integration
  • JavaScript development
  • Script run scheduling
  • Automated report creation
  • Automated account management
  • Custom budget management
  • Search query data mining
  • Display placements data mining
  • Email alerts
  • Keyword list management

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Achieve Extraordinary Results With Google Ads Scripts

Let the machines do the repetitive work & save money
Manage your campaigns with unrivaled speed, accuracy and consistency

Scripts Examples

A short non-exhaustive list of scripts I have developed and that show the potential of Google Ads Scripts.

What happens if your landing pages are down and your ads keep running? That’s right, the visitor will arrive to a blank (or error) page after clicking on the ad. You were still charged for the click which was completely wasted. Google is supposed to disable these ads eventually but this can take a lot of time (from days to weeks) and in the meantime, you may have lost thousands of dollars.

A script that scans each landing page active in your account hourly and notifies you (or pauses the relevant ad) if a problem is found solves this problem.

You can download it for free here.

For best results, each Ad Group should have at least 2 ads running in order to continuously test new ad copies, keep the best performing ad and create a new ad variation based on the best performer. However, when you have dozens of accounts, each with hundreds of campaigns and each campaign with dozens of Ad Groups, these simple task becomes unfeasible.

A script can do this in minutes by comparing the performance of all ads inside each ad group and pause the less performing ads automatically. Most importantly, the script can do this scientifically by bringing changes only when the difference in ad performance is statistically significant.

When you run campaigns on the Google Ads Display Network and don’t set specific targeted placements, Google will choose the placements for you depending on the other targeting criteria you set. Just after a few days, if you dig in the Placements report, you will find an immense amount of stats about websites where Google showed your ads. After a few months, the amount of data collected is so large that doing an analysis of all that manually would take an unrealistic amount of time. However this data contains extremely useful bits of information for your business, for example placements that should be targeted directly because they are good sources of conversions.

Google Ads Scripts comes to the rescue. A script can analyze all the placements data of your Display campaigns, aggregate all the stats by URL and create a report on a Google Spreadsheet, all in a few minutes. This is particularly useful when you are running dozens of different Display campaigns as the script allows to aggregate the stats from Display ads in different campaigns and even in different accounts (under the same MCC).

Developed a script that runs at the MCC Level and automatically manages shared budgets / campaign budgets for Google Ads accounts, based on monthly/yearly budgets and goals objectives. Individual objectives can be set optionally for specific account segments (e.g. product category, territory), depending on how the account is structured.

Implemented an algorithm to determine which campaigns/shared budgets should have their budget boosted or reduced, based on performance indicators (e.g. CPA, short term historical costs, long term historical costs).

This script is particularly useful for large accounts, where adjusting budgets manually becomes a daunting and time-consuming task. This script automatically adds more budget to the campaigns that are working the best, and reduces budget from the campaigns that are performing the worst, all while spending a predefined monthly budget.

More examples:

– Create campaigns based on data on a Spreadsheet
– Do search query data mining
– Adjust campaign budgets dynamically based on custom factors

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