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Out of this world digital marketing results

PPC Marketing Automation Expert

Do you have a successful business but struggle with Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Or need to automate repetitive tasks with Google Ads Scripts / API?

You’ve arrived to the right place! Get the best PPC Digital Marketing results (namely Google Ads, Facebook Ads) with efficient Campaign Management and smart PPC Automation: a very powerful and hard to find combination.


9+ Years
Industry Experience


6 000 000+ $
PPC Budget Managed


PPC Scripts &
API Development

What We Do


PPC Management

Google Ads (formerly Adwords):

‣ Search Ads
‣ Display Ads
‣ YouTube Ads
‣ Remarketing
‣ Bid Optimization

Other: Bing Ads, Facebook Ads

Full service, ongoing monthly PPC management. I manage the strategy, build or restructure your account, test and implement optimizations.


Google Ads Automation

PPC Scripts & API Development:

‣ Google Ads Scripts
‣ External data integration
‣ Spreadsheet API
‣ Email Alerts
‣ More

Automate your PPC campaign management.

From reports & alerts to automated bid management systems, we build automation solutions custom made for you. Scripts can be used to perform almost every task within the UI.


Consulting & Training


‣ PPC Consulting
‣ Account Audit
‣ Automation Strategy
‣ Training
‣ More

Get support to create your own custom solutions.

Whether you need help with implementing a particular script or defining an automation strategy, we are here to help.

What You Can Achieve

Earn More Money

From Google Ads to Facebook Advertising, we help you find more customers, fast and at the best return on investment.

Grow Your Business Fast

Reach immediately a vast pool of potential customers that will allow your business to grow to new heights.

Work With Top Expert

Seasoned digital marketing expert with a valuable automation skill set, ready to help your business reach new milestones.

Reduce Costs with Smart Automation

Save money by letting the machines do the repetitive work, with unrivaled accuracy and consistency. Let them work on autopilot, 24/7 and achieve results your competitors can’t replicate.

Achieve Extraordinary Results With Automation

Let the machines do the repetitive work & save money
Manage your campaigns with unrivaled speed, accuracy and consistency

What Sets Us Apart


Extensive Experience

More than 9 years’ experience of PPC accounts management for international companies, with campaigns in 5+ different languages and over 5M$ in budget management experience.

Unique Expertise

Our areas of specialty are PPC Campaign Management and Marketing Automation. This powerful and hard to find combination makes it possible to create code to automate various parts of daily PPC management and create custom automated solutions which cannot be achieved by conventional means.

Personal Service

We do all the work, from account management, running reports, taking calls to answering emails. No salesperson & no middle man. You will avoid paying for redundant staff, fancy office buildings, or other overhead that provides you no benefit.

Simple and Clear Fees

No hidden charges or complex contracts. Just simple monthly rate fees with an ad hoc hourly option. The choice is all yours.

Stop Wasting Money on Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Hire an experienced, certified Google Ads consultant and save thousands in management fees.