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You’ve arrived to the right place! Get the best results with PPC Marketing (namely Google Ads, Facebook Ads) with efficient Campaign Management and smart PPC Automation: a very powerful and hard to find combination.
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Marcelo A-P

Google Ads Expert, Developer
LinkedIn Profile
  • Google Ads certified
  • Bing Ads certified
  • 5M$+ budget managed
  • 8+ years of experience
  • Google Associate Developer
  • JavaScript, Python, Java
  • Fluent: English, French & Spanish
  • Attentive to details

Industry Experience:
9+ years

5 000 000+ $
PPC Budget Managed

PPC Scripts &
API Development


PPC Management

Google Ads (formerly Adwords):

‣ Search Ads
‣ Display Ads
‣ YouTube Ads
‣ Remarketing
‣ Bid Optimization

Other: Bing Ads, Facebook Ads

Full service, ongoing monthly PPC management. I manage the strategy, build or restructure your account, test and implement optimizations.

PPC Automation

PPC Scripts & API Development:

‣ Adwords Scripts
‣ Adwords API
‣ Spreadsheet API
‣ More

Automate your PPC campaign management.

From reports & alerts to automated bid management systems, we build automation solutions custom made for you. Scripts can be used to perform almost every task within the UI.

Consulting & Training


‣ PPC Consulting
‣ Automation Strategy
‣ Training
‣ More

Get support to create your own custom solutions.

Whether you need help with implementing a particular script or defining an automation strategy, we are here to help.


Extensive Experience

More than 9 years’ experience of PPC accounts management for international companies, with campaigns in 5+ different languages and over 5M$ in budget management experience.

Unique Expertise

My areas of specialty are PPC Campaign Management and Marketing Automation. This powerful and hard to find combination makes it possible to create code to automate various parts of daily PPC management and create custom automated solutions which cannot be achieved by conventional means.

Personal Service

I do all the work, from account management, running reports, taking calls to answering emails. No salesperson & no middle man. Your business will not be treated as a low priority and you will avoid paying for redundant staff, fancy office buildings, or other overhead that provides you no benefit.

Simple and Clear Fees

No hidden charges or complex contracts. Just simple monthly rate fees with an ad hoc hourly option. The choice is all yours.


PPC Automation is a way to automate control of your PPC campaigns using code. Two very well known examples of this are Google Ads Scripts and the Adwords API. It allows you to create reports, update bidding, provide tools for analysis, as well as sending you alerts on the status of your campaign, along with many other features, and all on automatic pilot. As a result, automation is taking the center-stage of what is done by the top PPC specialists, with some experts labeling this (along with AI) as the future of marketing. All you have to do is to determine how each step of a complicated strategy can be executed then automate it afterwards.

Here are some benefits of PPC automation:

1. Automate tedious, repetitive PPC tasks

Let the machines do the repetitive work. If you are doing some manual, repetitive tasks while managing PPC accounts, a script can probably do it too, and a lot faster. Machines are allowed to do the work they are best at (repetitive automated tasks), while humans concentrate on their strong points (e.g. creating ads, marketing strategy).

2. Improve account performance

One of the biggest limiting factors when managing PPC accounts is time. You just don’t have enough time to do every single optimization you know you have to do for the whole account. This applies specially for big accounts (the ones I am used to working with). In this situation you have to prioritize the campaigns and ad groups that bring you the best results right? What if you could let the machines do the optimization work, consistently, for all your accounts, campaigns and ad groups? That’s right, account performance overall would improve, thanks to consistency. The overall focus of PPC automation is to save time and improve campaign effectiveness.

3. Make fewer mistakes

We humans make mistakes, all the time. It happens to everyone and it happens even more when doing repetitive tasks for long hours. Tools like Adwords Editor can be helpful in doing some bulk changes, but it is still very limited in what it can do. You cannot program it to do “this” when “that” happens. You cannot even copy audiences from one account to another, even when the 2 accounts share the same audiences under one MCC. Here PPC automation comes to the rescue.

4. Make adjustments 24/7

Despite being fully dedicated to your PPC campaigns, our other commitments elsewhere stop us from being around 24/7. With PPC automation you can now work on your campaigns even while you are sleeping. That’s right, just program your optimization scripts to run every hour, all day, 7 days a week, and now your account is being optimized 24/7.

5. Focus more on strategy, less on reporting

With PPC Automation, you can create reports too. Everything you can do on a spreadsheet, you can do with PPC Automation. Better yet, once the reporting steps are set, the same reporting template can be replicated to all accounts.

Stop Wasting Money on Your Google Ads (Adwords) Campaigns

Hire an experienced, certified Google Ads freelancer and save thousands in management fees.



Ad hoc services

General PPC account setup & management

PPC Automation: Script & API development

Estimate provided before work begins




Review & advice

Audit: account setup, goals & more

Determine: changes needed, what processes can be automated

Advice & steps on how to improve account performance




All hours included

Continuous account optimization (includes automation development)

Predetermined number of hours per month

No contract or extra fees



The monthly fee to manage the campaigns varies depending on the size of your account. An account with a $40K budget and 40 keywords in total will take a lot less time to manage than an account with a $10K budget and 200 keywords. Consequently, the monthly management fee will take into account the size of the ads account. This will be determined after the first audit. The minimum monthly management fee is $500 USD.

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